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What sort of reaction do you expect after a loss, especially when they played as poorly as they did tonight? It would be even more weird if Seattle fans were celebrating, wouldn't it? Seattle still controls their destiny as it relates to winning the NFC West, but their wasn't much worth celebrating this evening.

I can't speak for all the Seahawk fans but 10 wins has already eclipsed my preseason expectations.
Hard to argue with your thinking, but a Rams win is just that a Rams win!


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The Seahawks were held without an offensive touchdown for the first time since a 17-9 loss at Green Bay on the opening game of the 2017 season.

The Rams sacked Wilson five times and hit him 11 times in all, and they held the Seahawks QB without a touchdown pass for the first time this year.


I practice social distancing

I’m looking at my notes and I think we are going to win today now that Penny is hot (and Lockett is no longer sick).
Seahawks: 24
Rams: 21

Edited to add after the score is 3-7 so early in the game. I think this might be a higher scoring game so i am upping it: Seahawks : 28 ; Rams 24

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The Seahawks are expected to win every game because it is a KNOWN FACT they are better! However sometimes the better team loses, but they are still considered to be better!


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Russell Wilson is going to also need to win the Comeback Player of the Year award to win the MVP now.

Stats are sliding
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