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So thankful Hawks went all-in at Safety this year (and got Diggs last) - otherwise we’d be tempted to take him back in. So glad we don’t have primadonna cry babies like him and Sherm anymore. Don’t get me wrong - they were great for us when they were great - but at some point you have to balance that greatness with the price tag and the drama. Looks like the Ravens were looking to dump him ... and he gave them an excuse.

hey @Thrasybulus - you should contact your Rams and let them know Earl is on the market. He would be a fitting addition for you guys.


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He kind of went off deep end didn't he? Had that weird situation when his wife found him in an orgy with his brother and almost shot him too.
Ya seems Ike he's going through something... he had a big fight with a teammate that at least in part precipitated this trade.

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Earl seems to have lost it but he was a hell of a safety for us.

I have zero issue with Sherm. Guy was an absolute monster, got hurt, recovered, and was a monster again for another team. Ya he talked, but so what. Hes one of the best to ever do it.


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I wasn’t going to post anymore tonight but then i saw this.

It’s a 16 minute monologue from Pete Carroll about BLM and what’s going on today. I watched the whole thing. And then i told my husband that if i was ever going to leave him for someone .... it would be for Pete Carroll (and i said if i were 30 years younger it would be for Doug Baldwin or Luke Willson! Hahaha. )

Queue it up to 6:00 minutes if you don’t have time to watch the whole message. I only wish he had taken just a few second to mention Colin Kapernick and give him credit.

It’s a pretty moving and poignant speech and it doesn’t mention any politician.

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