I've decided not to watch any game of teams that I like. I get a little to excited, so no games. I'll check the box scores at the end. I would just like to live a little longer and getting excited at 83 is a no no. I started to watch the Husky/Cougar game but turned it off after about 5 minutes. I didn't even bother to watch any of the Sea Hawk game.

If I could just turn down my excite button I would be fine. Besides I don't drink beer, unless it's somebody else's beer and it's free.
I expect OMJ to be playing flag football on his 100th : )
I know! I read the book. He is the worst. Lying is bad enough (Lying is the reason i’m divorced twice) but with Lance it was about his lying about the lying, not to mention throwing teammates under the bus. What a despicable human being. Can’t believe Sheryl Crow went out with that sociopath.
There are a couple documentaries about Lance and how he tried to destroy people who questioned him.
One is "Stop at Nothing" by the BBC.
Here's a description.... Unbelievable.

Documentary made by BBC4, tells the intimate but explosive story about the man behind the greatest fraud in recent sporting history, a portrait of a man who stopped at nothing in pursuit of money, fame and success. It reveals how Lance Armstrong duped the world with his story of a miraculous recovery from cancer to become a sporting icon and a beacon of hope for cancer sufferers around the world. The film maps how Armstrong's cheating and bullying became more extreme and how a few brave souls fought back, until eventually their voices were heard. Director Alex Holmes tracks down some of his former friends and team members who reveal how his cheating was the centre of a grand conspiracy in which Armstrong and his backers sought to steal the Tour de France. Friends and fellow riders were brought into a dirty pact that no-one could betray, lest the horrifying extent of complicity be revealed. But the former friends whose lives he destroyed would prove to be his nemesis, and help uncover one of the dirtiest scandals in sports history.
I watched the Grey Cup game today-the first game I have watched all year beginning to end. Really entertaining football that somehow makes the NFL appear plodding. Calgary finally won the big one after some years of real disappointment. I like the 3 down no-bullshit action that forces more dramatic play calling than the 4 down played here. Not as many penalties either and when they review a play they have a decision in seconds. The play review is in sharp contrast to the extended periods of inaction that we see on Sunday in the NFL. I have long been amazed at how it can take 3-4 minutes to make a decision on a play when the first replay is blatantly obvious to the whole world.

I'm happy for you Seahawk fans, I didn't think they would win and was pleasantly surprised that they did. And yeah-everything they say about Cam is true and the same for that potato faced Rothisrapist. What a miserable dick.
Yes, Lance is the absolute biggest weasel..well..OJ ..killers.
How does Lance have a penny and not be in prison beyond me??? If he put the finger on me for anything, burned me the way he burned others? I am afraid I would be at the Graybar Hotel myself..


Trout Thank Me
Sorry, I'm stupid. I went looking for it and it was from 2016. I will admit to being wrong in this case for sure. Jumped the gun!
Oh that makes sense because i thought he seemed ok yesterday. I kind of compare Cam to Richard Sherman. He’s probably someone you love when he’s on your team, but not so much when he is not. I loved Richard Sherman and i miss his press conferences. But i could kind of see how other teams couldn’t stand him.