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The Rams have really good defensive players and can't stop the other team from scoring. The Seahawks have rookies and no names on Defense and keep games close in a rebuilding year. What's the common denominator?

Coaching maybe?


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If Pete holds the Chiefs under 30 points, I will be impressed with the "masterpiece". From the highlight reel it looked like the Panthers were prolific on offense the whole game (476 yards of offense and one punt) until they self destructed over and over in the red zone. Were the Panthers trying to lose against Detroit and Seattle?


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Oh that makes sense because i thought he seemed ok yesterday. I kind of compare Cam to Richard Sherman. He’s probably someone you love when he’s on your team, but not so much when he is not. I loved Richard Sherman and i miss his press conferences. But i could kind of see how other teams couldn’t stand him.
Yeah, I definitely see what you're saying for sure. I just watched the actual post game interview, and he was way better than what I'm used to seeing him after a loss.


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If Pete holds the Chiefs under 30 points, I will be impressed with the "masterpiece".
Super Bowl XLVIII was the master piece. 43- 8 against the historically best NFL offense ever. Now Pete "Michelangelo" Carol's rebuilding team is heading toward the playoffs.

All the free agents in the world can't get the Rams past another 1 and done season. Hopefully Talib doesn't shoot himself in the leg again :/


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Wow the Ram's didn't beat the hawks for 5 straight years. Now I see why they enjoy winning the NFC West for once. #losingtradition #lamburgers

Going 3-0 against the c-hawks would be very satisfying. A complete sweep into the NFC Championship game!
Thing is the Rams are loaded this year. Anything less than an nfc championship would be under achievement. Watching great players play great is fun. Watching good players step up and make great plays is more exciting. 2 months ago who honestly thought Seattle would beat Cam and the Panthers without Earl T?

The Hawks are Rocky and the Rams are Apollo Creed... To quote a Tower of Power song. 'you can't fall up'. The Rams are at the top breathing rarified air. If they win it all this year everyone but Rams fans and sports media pundits will shrug and say, 'what did you expect?' on the other hand, if the Hawks just make it to the post season folks will take notice.

I'll say it again. With that roster anything less than a championship is failure for the Rams. And, winning it all would just be another odds on event coming around..