Title under username?


Josh S
<<--- See there where it says mtnwkr under where it says mtnwkr? How do I change that? Can't figure it out on the new forum. Thanks..

Jim Ficklin

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WFF Supporter
Click on your name in the top banner, right side of screen. Click on "Account Details," enter your choice in "Custom Title."


Josh S
Yeah, I don't have that option. I tried in Chrome and Edge and there is no "Custom Title" under "Account Details".

Chris Scoones

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WFF Admin
@mtnwkr And I like that as an option. I bet others would lighten up to doing that as well.

Main ID is whatever you want to converse with and what's exposed to google. The custom title can be used to share your name to the group. I'll look into my ability to set specific permissions towards the view of the users "Custom Title" so that limited to those who are registered and logged in, and not recorded as google search content.


Josh S
That's what I was thinking, that it wouldn't show up in a search of my name. If you can do that then I'll fill my last name back in.

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