Brook Trout in the N. Fork Snoqualmie?

Hey everyone - got a question for the experts on the N. Fork Snoqualmie out there. I went up the dirt road about 7 miles and fished the N. Fork last night. Caught several nice 8"-11" rainbows (and many 3" - 6" 'ers of course), and one nice brook trout? I must've fished that stretch of river a dozen times over the past few years and have never caught anything like it. Light yellowish circles on a dark blue/green background with an orange belly. I've caught brook trout before - back in Minnesota - but never out here. Too cool! Can anyone verify the existence of brookies in the N. Fork Snoqualmie? Otherwise, I'm afraid that someone may have juiced my Big Gulp!

Thanks in advance!

I've caught them also. I've caught them in the S.F. also. Beaver ponds have been planted with brookies and a few make it back to the mainstem.

Very interesting. Just last Sunday I caught what I thought was a golden trout in the middle fork. I was confused and could only think that those were stocked in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, how would they get into that river system? Your description matches what I caught, so I guess that is the only real answer!

How did you get to the area where you were fishing on the North? Which exit?

Hi caddiscaster,

I'm not sure about street names leading out of North Bend, but if you open your Washington Gazeteer (get one if you don't already have one - great resource)and find the area just north of North Bend, you will see a road called Fury Lake Road just west of the N. Fork. Take that for about 8 miles until you reach a large bridge crossing the N. Fork. I have fished, with good success, from about 2 miles before that bridge and up to it. Sometime you beat a litle brush, but not too bad.


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It's pretty easy to tell a golden from a brook. Brook trout are a char species, thus having light spots and worm-like markings on a dark background. Golden trout are truly a trout and have dark spots on a light background.

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