Lost Link for Pontoon Tubes-10' to 12ft.

I had this link in my greasy little fingers and I lost it. I have hit my history browser to no good results. Maybe somebody remembers this. It occured in a discussion about getting larger tubes for my Outcast Fish Cat. I spotted these beauties that were blue and 10 to 12 foot in length. Cost was $699 and $799. Damn, I want a pair of those, maybe even the 12 footers and now I lost the site address. What a jerk!

But there might be a little help from my friends as the Beatles would say.
Anybody know? I just need bigger tubes to haul me around in. The eight footers I have just don't cut it with a battery and electric motor. A link, please?

Bob, the Always changing his mind about what he needs after 68 years. :(


I'm a Skookum guy but you might want to check out blackbearpontoons.com If you're going to spend a bit more, Skookum is the way to go.

Bob Triggs

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Look up thread: "Pontoons and Whitewater"

and/or ask Jerry Daschofsky as I believe he provided the original link you refer to here.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Sounds like it may have been the skookum link. Not sure though. But you have tons of tube manufacturers out there. All have been provided above.