The Fateful Newbie First Thread Error


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I made the mistake of asking an incorrect question on here. Being told 'no' was fine. Being called 'entitled', and 'lazy', was not.

Then, being told that, 'exploring is half the fun of fishing,' was about the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Who knows what another person finds fun? I hate 'exploring'. I love researching. If I have to go 'exploring' to find a place to fish, I just won't go, I have better things to do.
In that case, I'd say research it first, before ya go fishin'... ;)
You're overlooking the most significant factor of all. Sharing location information person to person is low risk. Sharing location information on an internet forum means sharing it with the entire online world. And that, I submit, is the over-riding reason that people are cautious, even reluctant, to discuss very much detail pertaining to fishing locations. I have no qualms posting about going fishing on the Columbia River, but you and I would have to be pretty close friends before I'd share with you what river mile in what channel on what date and stage of tide I've found to be good for the king salmon bite.
I am using the term 'generally' as well as not sharing a locale. To say the actual name of a river/stream or lake does not, IMHO, give away much info especially when the river/stream is 250+ miles long or is nationally advertised....


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I believe it is internet/generational. Not good or bad, just the way it is. Infinitely easier to type in a question rather than do the research. If you look around enough everything you need to know is here on this site or WDFW. I lurked a lot, picked brains at shops, took classes from fly shops and explored. $100 for a Puget Sound beach class is a cheap and steep learning curve to get you on your way. Most if not all taught by knowledgeable people who are happy to educate you if you extend a bit of effort.
I used to spend hours researching with the Thomas Register, MacRae's and Encyclopedia looking up info I needed. No more, type, search and done.