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Smells like low tide.
swimmys post was not needed
No, it wasn't. I agree. But everyone has their right to comment. Even Swimmy makes a good, informative post once in a while:p that has nothing to do with tailored fishing wear. You have to read through all of this shit to filter out the irrelevant BS and find the rare nuggets. A truly frightening concept, to be sure :eek:
Garcon! Please bringe m anutha Margarita, por favor! And a side order of cheesecloth!
My right knee has no cartledge in it and my left knee has about 70%. I screwed up my knees while working at Boeing. My back is fucked as I have a disc problem. This could probably be fixed with a couple of Operations. But who has the cash for that. I do a few exercises at home. I try to get in about 15 minutes a day if possible.
But walking is still a tiring experience.

I also have Essential Tremors. I take pills for that, but doing little things still makes my hands shake a little.. But I did tie on a fly yesterday and that went pretty good. The reason I couldn't tie on the Chubby is that the eye was under the foam and I think it had some glue/dope in it. I didn't want to take the time to clean it out. If I can get some support for my back I think everything else will improve.

I do have a fly threader. But I couldn't find it in my cluttered truck. I'm not really a neat person.
If you have a Doc friend, look into the new stem cell injections for the knee’s. The bulging disc is touch to fix without surgery,



Riffle > Run > Pool
swimmys post was not needed
I can see where it came off insensitive but it was not intended to be...well for the most part anyway.

Pussy ass nerd comment above. Christ have a beer and a red steak to atone. Jim doesn't want to hear yoga advice from a veritable male fishing fashion model and mumbo jumbo like that.
Champions aren't born, they are made.

Some of us have to work for a living, give me a report in forty years after you put in your forty hours or more a week for forty years
Everyone's got an excuse. You have to make time.

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Consider having someone tie up some flies with loops at the end of the tippet.
Then have them tie a loop on the end of your leader. As long as both loops are large enough, you can just loop the tippet onto the leader and not have to tie any knots.

You could store the flies and tippet on a piece of pipe insulation just like gear fisherman do for steelhead and salmon leaders.
If you can’t find someone to help you with this, PM me your address and I'll whip some up for you.
I went to Cabela's yesterday and got the Cabela's wading belt/ back support. I had one for about 20 years, but it was made by Hodgman's. Going to wear it today to walk around and see how it feels.

As for swimmy's comments. I said before they don't bother me for shit. I just see what he writes and then ignore them.
Sounds like that back brace might enable you to get out more on the water. I'd be willing to bet that you could find someone to drive you around, find some easy access to some specific (nearby) holes and simply watch and learn from you. Even if it is just for a few minutes. I know I'd be all over that deal. Maybe your local fly shop could connect you with a fishing partner.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I have no problem driving around Butte. But I like to fish alone. This way I can come and go when ever I feel like it. Even though I'm getting up in years I can still get around even if I have to crawl. As for fly shops here in Butte I have only found one I like. Several that used to be here closed up. But when I lived in Dillon I had a favorite I went to all the time. Frontier Anglers.

When my son came for a visit I took him out with me. He would disappear and I would have to go look for him. That just rubbed me the wrong way. But you can't control anybody with you unless you are tied together.