Sometimes you just need to ignore advice

Dave Westburg

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I spent last week fishing near a famous tailwater river. My friend asked a fly shop about a tributary to the river. Lots of small trout and lots and lots of Rattlesnakes they said. Am sometimes a stubborn cuss so we went to the tributary anyway. A great day with lots of action on grasshoppers fished tight to the bank. Some nice fish and no rattlesnakes.


Sometime you need to see things for yourself.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
You weren't fishing tight enough to the bank to interest the rattlesnakes.
A fishing buddy of mine once told me,
"JIm, you are going to have to learn how to tell a blatant lie with a straight face when anyone asks you about the fishing. If it was good, then tell 'em it sucked and you got skunked, and nobody else got anything, either. If you got totally skunked, and never even saw a fish, then tell 'em about the nice one that got away after you released an even nicer one."
Famous quote: "I fish, therefore I lie."
When you think about it, we try to get fish to believe in the totally fraudulent misrepresentations of truth that we have tied to the end of our leaders...we fly fishers are blatant liars! Why stop with lying to the fish? Why not just lie to everyone!:D
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Nice!! Every time I asked or read about a place with lotsa rattlers or Bears- good fishing everytime.

Old Man

A very Old Man
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I live here in Montana. Where there are supposed to have a lot of them. And I never ever think about them so I never see any of them. When I fished the dry side in the summer I never seen any or did I ever think of them.
Out of mind out of sight.

Greg Armstrong

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I stopped in and asked a Canadian Fly shop owner about a certain place this past week and he said the road was really bad, you need 12 ply tires, the dust is enough to choke you to death and there was a lot of smoke up there. Told me my truck and camper wouldn’t be suitable. I really got the impression he didn’t want us there.

So, I bought some flies and we worked our way up there in low granny and 4wd. He was right about all of it to a degree, but I caught some of the nicest Westslopes I’ve seen in awhile and there was no one else around.

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