Missoula River Lodge trip


Idiot Savant
Scott and I celebrated his 65th birthday by taking a 4 night, 3 day stay at the Missoula River Lodge in Huson, Montana. It was a gift from Scott's wife, a very generous one at that. Joe and Tammi Cummings own and run this fine lodge with two buildings, one is small and intimate the other large, grand and impressive. We stayed in the smaller of the two but one could not complain about our accommodations. The Rhino Cove lodge is comfortable and classy. Meals are prepared and served by the award winning executive chef, Carrie Nowlen. She specializes in local Montana farm to table meals that have a world class flair.

Part of the package included 3 days of drift fishing on the Clark Fork river in different sections. High temps and sunny days kept the fish down the first day but we managed to yank a few bows from the water. Each day got progressively better and the last day on the upper reaches we had a blast catching lots of browns. Our guide, Aaron Bonsall, worked his butt off for us putting us in good water and pointing out the best hiding holes. He also provided shore and boat lunches to keep us running all day until we took out. He was patient with us and kept our lines tied with fresh tippet and flys. Hopper and droppers proved to be a bugger to cast but gave us the best chance at picking up fish. We also threw dries, tricos, single hoppers, and PMD's. Some of the most challenging fish provided the best results of action and air time when you finally stuck one.

The only down side to the trip was the haze and smoke that prevented one from seeing the grand landscape of the area.

I could ramble on but let the photos tell a better story...







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Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I might have to stay there some time just for the good food and excellent atmosphere, even without going fishing.
Looks like a primo destination. I might guess that Salmo_g is morphing from a fly fisherman into a glamping gourmand, if it weren't for his excellent trip report on the Flathead.