Sad Clousers - fix?


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In digging out my saltwater and pike gear, I found a number of "failed" clouser flies. Essentially, after a bit of casting, I find that the body of the fly has begun to slide down the hook. In extreme cases - see photo - the entire fly pattern will slip to the bend of the hook.

What am I missing in constructing these? Everything else holds together as you'd expect.

Thanks for the tips.



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Are you lying down a thread base and using some type of head cement or glue after most of the tying steps?
It also looks like you are only tying the belly down just behind the eyes. It should be tied down from behind the eyes all the way down the hook shank to about the barb.

If you want a more durable clouser, check out Nick Clayton’s video. You can tie both stinger and standard clousers this way to make them fairly indestructible.



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Thread base seems to be missing and thread tension seems low. Need to use horizontal wraps around eyes to really cinch them down too. Super glue is a bit of a crutch but I still use it. :)


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i use the Gorilla glue in the bottle. the one with the combo brush and nozzle applicator. you can steal (borrow) one of your wifes bottles of clear coat nail polish. don't tell her i said so.

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