Elwha....whats up?

fellow fisher folk:

Crinkle, crinkle tear. One more page off the old calendar. Wow, I guess it is already August. Unbelievable. And she looks great! Uhm... I mean its about time.

Hmmm, the flows are dropping below 1000 cfs. Can't remember, can I get to that favorite little island at 1000 or do I need to wait until 700. Seems to me that most of my worst wading mishaps happen in the "no man's land" of 800-900 cfs. Still have to work for them pretty hard in these times.

Guess it is time to start visiting the folks up in Port Angeles. A little recon, score points with the family. Save up a few bonus points for september when the scene is more like "well, we think he is in town but we haven't seen him. Guess he is fishing."

Enough of my troubles.

Anybody been/heard any news on the Elwha? I would think the upper portion would be fishing quite well by now. Hoping to get up a ways for a few days later on this month.


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