SBS Mathews Drake Mackeral Emerger (Spundun variation)


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Getting to be that time out here. No chickens were harmed in the construction of this fly; hackle replaced by combo wing/UFD (ungulate floatation device). In the future, may use hot orange foam for pad to increase visibility.

hook ā€“ Dai Riki 320 #12
thread - UTC 140 tan
shuck - Congo Hair brown
rib - Uni-Stretch brown
body - dubbing light tan
wing pad - 1mm foam tan
wing - deer hair

Mash barb, start thread one eye width from eye

Clean, stack,measure (hook length) a clump of deer hair; trim, tie in with 2 soft loops (spin bobbin to tighten up the thread first), spin

Tie in CH; fold back, tie in rib and wrap to bend

Tie in foam strip, wrap up to wing butts

Dub body

Counterrib body, tie off/trim; trim shuck

Fold foam; tie down/trim[/img


Push hair back, distributing evenly around the shank

Pull hair back, create thread dam in front

Build up thread head, whip finish, SHHAN

Trim out hair underneath

Go fish

Thanks for that scott, I am heading for West Yellowstone on Tuesday. That fly is one I have to work on in the next few days. Was thinking of doing some CDC versions . They appear a bit easier.
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