WTB foam chuggers for steelhead

Looking for 1/2 dozen
Drab burlop bag looking
Moose main tail
Couple black ones also
Size wise medium
I’ll pay $40 for the 1/2 dozen
Pm me for more details and email exchange
Looking for hybrid fly

Part ska-0pper Scott Howel fly part this drab pattern I got from Donnie at Bear Claw lodge BC
Want mostly like Donnie fly can describe it as drab burlop looking body/ moose tail/ deer hair throat/thorax pretty tight and trimmed but want the foam of Howel fly
Particularly larger than most lip with foam shellback
Popper/chuggers what ever u want to call it in size 6 down turn eye
Would like 1/2 of flies moose tail and other 1/2 batch buck tail or polar bear with slight crystal flash in orange
Foam drab brown or grey to keep burlap thing going on
U can pm me for email exchange if interested
Got a friend from Op just whipped up almost exactly what I was looking for
So looks like I’m good
If anyone curious pm email I’ll send pictures when I got a chance
Thanks for all the responses

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