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Hey all,

I'm a fairly new to tying and am looking to branch out from the trout flies that I have been tying.

Mostly, I'm wanting to work on pike and bass flies and would like to learn to work with tubes.

Wondering what your suggestions are for a rotary vise? What features are a necessity in your opinion? Ideally I'd like something on a base as I don't have a dedicated tying bench to clamp onto.

Perhaps somebody has one that is either collecting dust or maybe you are looking to upgrade?



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The one thing that jumped out in your question is you want to tie pike and bass flies and tube flies. For the first question bass/pike flies, look for a vise that has jaws that will hold larger hooks, I do not ties for those species but from recipes I have seen they are usually ties on big hooks. As for tube flies there are a couple of inexpensive adapters available. A few years ago I got an vise that is specifically for tube flies but before that purchase the adapters were used and they worked. I have a Nor-Vise and a Dyna-King Barracuda, the Nor-Vise is my go to one and use the Barracuda as my travel vise, but I am sure the other brands work just as well. Good luck in your search

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