Book review, Modern Steelhead Flies


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Got my copy yesterday and highly recommend it. I spent a lazy late afternoon yesterday in the hammock reading through it. It's roughly broken down into 3 sections: 1) A brief history of modern steelhead fisheries in the PNW and the Great Lakes areas; the fisherpeople and the flies they use. The section on the advent of the intruder is particularly interesting. 2) Step by step instructions for 10 'modern' steelhead flies including the motivation behind the design and tips for fishing it 3.) A long list of PNW and Midwest steelhead fly fisherpeople, with a handful of flies from each including a materials list and some background on the flies.

The photography is top-notch throughout. This would make a great coffee table book (if my dog Dewey wasn't prone to chewing everything in sight right now, and if my wife would allow it...)
Got this as a birthday present this year and agree - really beautiful book with tons of information.

If only it came with the time to tie the flies. ‍

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