SBS Al's Rock Chuck October Caddis (Bullethead variation)


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A few changes to Al Campbell's version. His used marmot; I went with woodchuck. Also, Congo Hair replaces yarn for the abdomen loop and a bullethead instead of spun deer for a little different look.

hook ā€“ Dai Riki 280 #8
thread - UTC 140 burnt orange
abdomen - Congo Hair orange/woodchuck underfur
wing(s) - woodchuck guard hair
head/collar - elk hair
legs - medium rubber brown

Mash barb, start thread at head 1 eye width back from eye

Clean, stack, measure (shank length) a clump of elk hair

Trim butts, spin bobbin to tighten thread, tie in with 2 soft loops, spin/trim

Tie in a loop of CH

Insert chuck underfur in clip (save the guard hairs for the wings); trim, insert in loop, spin

Wrap to 1/3 mark, tie down

Clean, stack, measure (gap width past bend) a clump of chuck guard hairs; tie in/trim

Continue dubbing to head

Repeat winging sequence

Push elk hair back, distributing evenly around hook shank

Pull hair back, tie down

Add legs, whip finish, SHHAN

Trim out hair underneath

Trim legs

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