New saltwater specific forum

Chris Scoones

Staff member
A separate forum for the salt was long overdue.

I'll be working on migrating salt specific topics from the general FF forum over the next few days.

You can not catch fish in the salt with a fly rod it just can not be done. So just take this section out and you all go back to fishing the crowded Yak and Eastern WA lakes for trout with your 3 and 4 WT rods. All you Westsiders keep going to the East side for you big fish fix. :p :rolleyes:

Nice job Chris, once again. ptyd


Great idea, Chris. Hey, now's probably a good time to suggest something I have thought of previously, but not taken the time to mention - how's about adding a link to an online tide table under the "fishing resources" section of this site? Here's the one I use, but I am sure there others:
Thanks. :D