Nunnally Report


~El Pescador
Was planning to fish Lenice but when I arrived Saturday night the lot was full due to a Fly Fishing Club convention. I stayed the night in the lot any way and then drove down to Nunnally. It was my first time fishing this lake but I figured it should fish the same as Lenice. There were 5 of us in our party and probably 10 other people in the lake. Three people claimed they slayed them on chiros on Saturday. They seemed to be doing OK when I watched them.
I ended up with 2 in the net, 2 SDR's along the boat and missing about 6 hits.
It seemed the ticket for me was deep water, a slow presentation and the old reliable hares ear nymph - bead head with gold ribbing. My partners got fish also and flies ranged from chiros to wolly buggers to scuds. One fish measured in at a solid 24 inches for my partner (trying to attach pic and it ain't working).
Big lake, nice fish, incredible weather. Nice way to spend the day.
I'll be back on Lenice next Tuesday. Thinking of hitting Green Lake on Friday evening.


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