Bamboo and bass!

Steve Kokita

Lue and I didn't want to travel far with the holiday traffic so we hit a local lake looking for bass. I brought a 6/7 wt I built for coho, pinks, bass or anything big! Tossed a foam frog and went 7/18 with the biggest bass at about 1.5 lbs....not big but fun! After my wrist got tired I switched over to a 6' bamboo with a wet line and C&R'd 5 trout 13"-19"! I thought about keeping the big trout for my mom to eat...but just as soon as I thought that it said, "oh hell no!" and got off. Next time...looking for silvers on bamboo tomorrow.


I hit the upper Dungeness River with 3 wt. shorty last Tuesday. Caught and released 8 or 10 small but beautiful dolly vardens. I was told there has been some surface action on Teal Lake.

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