Gulff UV resin review.

I was very skeptical about trying a new product but bought this because it came in black. sketch-1536050971037.png Put it on the deceivers first but only used a shit light, it felt tacky but only very very little. DSC_2241.JPG DSC_2242.JPG What i really like is it's a medium velocity, not thick & not fine/thin! Bottle says low smell, it does smell but not like any horrible chemicals! Put a drop on some paper today & used the Loon light, first touch & it felt tacky in the very slightest way, second touch & there was zero tackyness but it had lost it shine! Not 100% tack free like deer creek but 100 times better than Loon! Keep in mind i've only used black! Also made the bat nose with it. DSC_2221.JPG
I'll update as i get different colours, could be just the black colour pigments making it very slightly tacky? One thing is for sure, i like that you can get it in many colours, no more 10 coats of Veniards coloured head cement on a salmon fly.

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