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13 tiers including myself, thus you tie a dozen flies.
What? I want your biggest, baddest, sculpin imatation. Big and ugly is what i am talking about. Try to keep it somewhat original, so pretty much anything but your basic muddler will be fine. I dont care how weird it is, just get a dozen of them to me by june 10th. Email me your adresses when you sign up please so i can get them down and on envelopes now.
Tier List
Zen - Fur and Feather Sculpin
Wbodger - n/a
Icanfly - n/a
backyard - pimp asss sculpins
diehard - simple man
crockett - spuddler
southpaw - double bunnie on steroids
flyin dutchman? - something from the internet
josh zarling - something cool with a big head
islander - big ass ugly bug
d3smarty - wool head variation
don perry - chucks sculpin
Me - basically the best sculpin ever
3909 SW Stevens st
Seattle WA 98116

Zen Piscator

Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
I would love to get in on this...maybe if i can find some cash to buy more big hooks. Put me down for a tentative Hare-Hackle Sculpin.

This sounds great. I've been experimenting with some big ass ugly bugs for Lone and Pass Lake. Got inspired by the one Backyard turned me onto at Dry Falls. :thumb: I don't know if they are sculpins or not. I'll search around and find a pattern.


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I;ll get in here with you guys.... i'll probably tie up some wool head sculpin variation off the internet. I have never tied one before so it will be an experiement.
I'm in. I need some for a float in Alaska this summer. I'm planning on tying the one by Chuck Stranahan that was featured in Fly Fisherman mag a couple of issues back. He gave me one at a show to use as a pattern. Mine will be done on Eagle Claw 413 jig hooks so it should ride point up.


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well i tied my first one up this morning.... i have to say that i believe it would work for bass, although they are not the best test as i have found them to eat anything...
Used some bear fun for dubbing... looked pretty good but it might float a little too much unless i give it some good weight.
Well I just got back from Lone Lake testing my ugly ass fly. My deer hair spinning is pretty piss poor but the fish didn't seem to mind. Picked up about five in the hour I was out. Biggest went 17", the rest were stocked triploids. Now I just have to quit fishing and start tying. :beathead:

Zen Piscator

Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
Im IN. And, i have some hooks now. Its gonna be badass, dan i will give them to u at the end of the PN trip.


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