Bayley/McDowell Thursday or Friday-any takers?


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I hope to head over to Bayley tomorrow or Friday-anyone out there that can make it? I won't walk into McDowell alone so I need to buddy up to check out that lake. It has given up some near 30'' fish in the last couple of years but is about 97% milfoil infested. Any fishing there has to be done early to have any success at all. Let me know if you are freed up and we'll head out. Ive

Mike Ediger

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I can't go this week, but as a teacher I am out of school in about 2 weeks, and I would love to get up your way and fish a couple lakes. I will also be pretty flexible and able to fish any day of the week. I will drop you a note in a week or two and see if you are interested.
Man I would love to go but I have to save my vacation days for May ;)
Spokane fisherman would be a good partner he has Thursday and Friday off. Send him a pm he is looking for fishing opportunities.
jesse clark

Guy Gregory

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I can't go but could go next week. Ive', could you report back on water levels? I'm hoping to prospect up there in about two weeks or so to that and some other lakes which I'm sure you know but I will not name in the great north country. What are lake levels like?

Nerver fished Mcdowell lake, The regs say there's a boat launch there. I take it this is no longer? I would consider it and honor and privilege to fish with you Ive. Let me know.


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Thanks for the replys men. Fishtolive-McDowell is a walk-in C&R only lake. About a quarter of a mile or so depending on which end you access. If you have a boat with wheels there is a chance you could pull it in there. It would be a job though especially if I get to ride! :) Bayley has a rudimentary launch and the road in is very rough. How does this sound to you?

Mediger-Let me know when you get freed up and maybe we can work in a day on the water. I will be gone fishing a lot in May and could be pretty hard to locate. Just keep trying.

Guyg-The lake I was on yesterday was very full and in excellent shape. Only a drive to Bayley will answer the level question over there. Some other lakes in the area have good waterlevels and are producing well. It has been cool and a little rainy, nice days for callibaetis emergers.

Jesse-Thanks for the tip on Spokanefisherman. I'll drop him a note and see if he make it up on Friday. I'll be fishing both days.

Thanks all, Ive


Wishin to be fishin

Good advice from all so far. I don't know what levels are like, but other lakes I've been to in the area have been at seasonal averages. I'd love to hook up w/ you, but have to work like a dog the next few days. - some other time perhaps.

McDowell's far end is a bit of a hike and steep. I recommend hiking in from the parking area. It's long but not as vertical.

Bayley is easy to get to as long as you have a little ground clearance. The sunset action is amazing and has been known to cause some serious fish fever.

There are tons of great lakes in the area - enjoy. I'd appreciate it if you could post a report, as I'm planning to hit them both after work next week.

Tight Lines,
Bayley sounds good, Should I just tie lake nymphs and streamers or ? You can pm if you like to let me know and set up a time to meet. John

Guy Gregory

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Thanks for getting back to me, Ive. I read elsewhere your opening day report, it sounds like you had a good day, but I ain't waiting to fish up there this year...the water could be really bad late.

If you get down this way, I went to Amber on "opening day", the Clearwater flyfishers had a fishout (nice folks, all of 'em), callibaetis hatch came off about 1 PM and caught a couple of triploids, otherwise very slow for everyone except the chironomid guys. I figure hatches are 2 weeks earlier than normal, so we should see some damsels soon


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