Fish Lake flying fish


Ryan Haseman
I was fishing @ fish lake near cumberland yesterday evening and I witnessed trout jumping up to 3-4 ft in the air. I was wondering why they do this?

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Yes, Jim, fish must be able to see certain things that are off the edge of the visible (to humans) spectrum. Kind of like dogs hearing sounds too high for us to hear. That must explain why I can't see those damn things that are always biting me...whadaya call 'em? "No-See-Ums!" The immitations are "No-Can-Tie-Ums" and if they did exist they would be "No-Can-See-Well-Enough-To-Tie-Um-Ons. "I sure wish they were also "No Itch-Ums."
Those strikes I always miss are "No-Hook-Ums" and the ones that get off
are "No-Catch-Ums."

The real reason those fish are jumping so high is that they just "Gotz-Um."

Lately when I make a pass at a woman, its "No-Way-In-Hell-You-Dirty-Old-Man!" No "Ums"....very definite. :(

Jimbo, Lately I might as well take a flying leap at the Moon!
I've always thought it was basically the fish's way of gettin er done. I'd like to think they don't actually realize they're about to come flying the hell out of the water. Its just a speed attack on a bug, with a vector that happens to overlap the water's surface.
Reminds me of the time Mike Duey and I were fishin' Leighton Lake in B.C. and a fish came shooting out of the water and landed on the branch of a over-hanging tree! It shook a couple times and fell back in the lake! Craziest thing I ever saw!




Defeat terrorism
I was told that fish dont jump, they rise. That being said, I saw a RB beach itself during a frantic rise at Chopaka last year. It took him/her awhile to flop back in.
why do salmon like chum jump, it's my understanding that once they hit freshwater they don't eat anymore they strinke the fly out of impulse or annoyance so why bother waisting all that energy to jump?


It'd be even easier to just get caught by a sympathetic fly fisher with a good pair of pliers...don't fish think?


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I think it has to do with instinct. Like a kitty and string and puppies wrestling. I have no way to back this up, but it sure seams like the fish are just working on their jumping skills for the day the have to make up some steep falls or something...

The salmon start jumping when they hit fresh water in anticipation. Even the spawners in the hatchery tanks (clearly no sea lice left on them) try to jump the concrete walls. Some think they may be trying to loosen their eggs, but the males jump too, and many of the females have eggs as loose as they are going to get...

Then there is the feeding instinct - smashing bugs on the surface. Then there is the instinct to escape from predators by jumping out of the water (like you see the schools of baitfish doing) - but all fish are 'bait fish' at some point in their lives.

So my point - being able to jump, and practicing that skill, is important in many ways for a fish.

The middle finger idea may have some merrit though...
Think about it. What is on a salmon's mind? Many of us get pretty frisky when we know we will soon get laid....course most of the time it doesn't kill us. A salmon orgasm must be pretty damn good.

I've heard people swear that trout are dislodging parasites, but I haven't seen any parasites on them. Have heard of many fish jumping right into boats on Leighton.
My theory is that the fish don't jump until they see a fisherman that hasn't had a single hit all day then the biggest one will jump out of the water just to put the last nail in the coffin on a fishless day. Sorta the middle finger and bronx cheer rolled into one.

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