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Was on my way to the sportsman warehouse in Everett for some tying materials. On my way there I noticed that Ed’s Surplus in Lynnwood is closing down and there is a big sale. I decided to stop and went in to ask if they carried fly materials (been here countless times as kid) they said we have a little bit and showed me three bins with some used and some New tying materials didn’t spend more than than a dollar per item. Couldn’t believe it. There is still a little more wanted to buy it all. I also got a fly line for 20 percent off and some backing for 25% off. BF35F86C-AD19-4F75-AC8D-5F709486B376.jpeg

steve s

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Nice score. There used to be a shop in South Lake Union called Outdoor and More, back in the 90’s early 2000’s. It was a great store for outdoor clothing and they always had great deals. For a while they sold fly fishing gear. When they decided to phase out fly fishing, everything was on sale. My buddy and I were about to embark on a summer long fishing trip across the west and we started going through the selection of flies offered at fifty cents each. We tried working a sweeter deal with the staff but they figured that there were still at least three hundred flies left in the bins. Eventually, they offered us the rest of the flies for $150. We already had about fifty flies each that we planned to purchase. We knew there was a lot more than 300 left in the bins. We quickly agreed to the offer and packed up the flies in a shoebox that was offered. The shoebox was FULL to the brim with flies. When we got home, we brought another friend into the deal, each putting in $50 and each receiving over almost two thousand trout flies in return. Flies ranged from humpies, BWOs, PMDs, cripples, nymphs, dries, streamers, caddis, stonefly in all different sizes. That was almost twenty years ago and still have a few of those flies left. Best fifty bucks I ever spent.

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