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snow is where are water comes from. also, its trendy to to ski when its cold and fish when its warm. all the pro skiers and snowboarders are now heli guided flyfishing #prostaffs even if they dont know how to fish
No shit.:rolleyes: I thought all river water came from underground. Like Springs and such. I learn something new everyday. I guess that I will have to watch the skies from now on.:p:p
I didn't mind watching it, but what does skiing have to do with fishing a river. One more thing. Was this up in BC?? Because I don't think I have ever seen rapids on the Columbia in
Washington State.
Not BC. That's Washington State. The Columbia has rapids and riffles. One if my favorite spots up there is a half mile wide riffle that you can nearly wade across the entire river. Great spot when the huge caddis hatches are coming off. Fish stack up in these riffles. I've never been up in a boat. Always on foot.


Indi "Ira" Jones
I missed the advertisement, unless the fact that they mentioned where they worked at the beginning or that they once showed an Evening Hatch sticker on the side of the boat, is what you are talking about.

Either way, it reminds us that Washington has some cool opportunities and it makes me want to buy a new boat that much more.

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