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I don't know shit drom shinola when it comes to this river so not sure why I’m chiming in. I guess I’m feeling left out. I’m sure he’ll respond but if I recall correctly, the member being questioned about his brown trout catching abilities on that water targets them specifically. It also does not take a rocket scientist to know that if wild fish exist in a system (the main stem or its tribs), they can be targeted. Fish move predictably to do things like spawn. Figure that out and you can be pretty successful at finding them.....and I’m not talking about on their redds.


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I'll say it again, I think bird and triploid are fishing different sections of the river. Before this becomes some sort of weird man fight.



Indi "Ira" Jones
I'll say it again, I think bird and triploid are fishing different sections of the river. Before this becomes some sort of weird man fight.

Does it matter? Bird boastfully comes on, claims his prowess, calls another member a liar, claims to have fished pretty much the whole river and then tries to scam in on Trips locations. He needs to get called out on that behavior.
The river is a great place and fragile just like many, maybe even more so than others. We certainly do not and will not target rainbows on their beds....contrary to what is stated here. We/I spend ample time in and out of the boat depending on fishing technique and time of year. As stated, when fishing February to May on any western stream, coastal or inland, you are fishing during pre-spawn, spawn and post spawn activity.
Have fun out there...
Jack Mitchell / The Evening Hatch
Truth! I've always had a quality experience there and I hope to come back again in a year or two. Keep on keepin' on, Jack!
I know from the video that the section of the river is above Northpoint, for the most if not all of the time. I have not fished it in the fall as in the video so I'm not certain but I do know that Steve Bird literally wrote the book on the upper Columbia and having fished from Black Bear when he was guiding for Jack (Two summers ago) that he has extensive knowledge of the upper section as well as several of the tributaries nearby. I believe what he says and I also believe there is an occasional Brown Trout caught. Seems to me that one of my friends caught one on that trip but it is an extremely rare happening there.

Enough of the bashing if you guys don't mind. I like civil conversations on the forum, especially if I know the subjects (people) involved.
Seems to me that one of my friends caught one on that trip but it is an extremely rare happening there in MY experiences.
edited your comment for ya cuz i think ur still missing the point. just because you or your guide only catch one a year does not mean other anglers cant have it dialed in better


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Tell you what: I will give him 5 free trips, & if he catches one brown, the trips are free. If he doesn't, he pays for all 5.
why would he go out with a guide who admits he can't find the fish he is targeting? even for free, that's just wasted time.

i propose you flip the terms: let @triploidjunkie take you as a client (blindfold & bat-spray during transport to his spots, of course), and if he gets you one brown, you pay him for five trips (based on your own rates). that's putting your money where your mouth is.

or, if you have a minute, you could look up some trip reports from @triploidjunkie here and get a better sense of why most regulars here take his claims as solid. "the humble improve", as wynton marsalis said. maybe there's still more for you to learn in spite of your long experience with this river.
There are certain places on the Willamette River in Oregon where you can catch very large, wild cutthroat and redband trout. We once thought that when news got out, the river would be overran with guides and bait anglers. As a preventive measure, many years ago, a number of fly clubs banded together and fought to change the regs to C&R for wild trout in a section of the Willamette. The ODF&W biologist fought us be we still managed to win ... with some horsetrading in regards to the distance of the C&R area.

For awhile, the regulation battle did result in an uptick of anglers in that section of Willy but you know what? Once anglers figured out the Willamette is a large river and there's more places you won't touch a fish than there are places you will hook up, the interest in the fishery dropped and now there's no more pressure on the river than there was decades ago. The invasion of anglers and guides never happened.

Considering the length and size of the Columbia, I have a feeling that any sudden interest in the fishery will eventually wane due to the same reality that was discovered on the Willamette. Just because a large river holds large, wild trout, that's no guarentee that you'll catch them or even locate them.
I've lived by the Willamette for 3yrs and fish it regularly. I've never caught a single trout in it. I will make you a deal: I will take you out there to a spot of your choice. If you're able to catch a trout or two in my presence, you don't have to pay me for the opportunity.


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