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Driving the Gorge this week and noticed several nets above John Day and a few above The Dalles, on the Oregon side of the river. I assume they were commercial fishermen, but don't get it with the returns in jeopardy. Limits are put on sport fishing opportunities, but not commercial?
Also noticed a flotilla of fishermen at the mouth of the Deschutes. To be expected with the lower river closed.


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noticed several nets above John Day and a few above The Dalles
This is an interesting comment. I wonder how many other people have no idea how many nets are in the Columbia River? My only beef is the lack requirements on buoys, there's styrofoam all over the place from lost buoys. Also, if they are left out in the dark, they have to be lighted. I think the tribes should comply.


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I'll never forget watching a tribal boat unload in the Gorge once. Mostly salmon but I did a double take when I saw a funny shaped "chinook". It was easily a 25# wild steelhead. All pasty white from soaking too long.
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Drove through it last week and my kids were all asking about all the "trash" in the river. That "trash" was all the styrofoam freely floating between the nets and along the shore. I am sure all that "trash" was cleaned up when they came back to pull the nets...
Yeah, why not sort the fish at Bonneville and divvy up everyone's share there? The Tribe's can take theirs' home and the rest can continue on. No by-catch kills, precise counts on Tribal take. Very precise and much more efficient.
The next logical step would be for anglers to drive to Bonneville and pick up their 2 salmon and/or 2 steelhead. Transaction is instantly recorded saving money for WDFW and no need to send in a catch record card every year. Precise and efficient. Tom
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