Custom flies?

I thought at one time there was a listing on this site for guys that did custom tying? I’m looking to have some streamers tied and looking for someone to tie them and hoping for a suggestion or two.


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Post on here, what it is you are looking for...see who bites!!

If ya have a pattern in mind, post the materials, pattern style, and/or pattern recipe...
The tyers on here can give ya their rendition and you can PM for any further discussions.

There's no "real" new patterns in the fly tying world, except maybe that one obscure "one-off", so what ever you have in mind will be safe. ;):D
Thanks for the reply.

I’m looking for some articulated streamers in trout size. Namely the Galloup Mini Sex Dungeon in yellow (other colors a possibility)
I’m wanting them tied on premium quality hooks.

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