FS Hatch 5 Plus

Selling a brand new/never lined Hatch 5 Plus gen 1 black and silver large arbor reel. Although this is a gen 1 model, it has been upgraded to all of the gen 2 features. Upgrades from Hatch: gen 2 saltwater handle kit, upgraded spindle with lip seal and o-ring, sealed spindle bearing and upper seal with silicone. $400 shipped. PM if interested.
F7225F9B-A0B2-4693-81BD-D9AF114B48DA.jpeg 224D43C7-3FE4-4507-94C5-BD0E7F67BDA1.jpeg 59C2647F-150B-4451-8264-3973A269B2E7.jpeg 2336B771-B7C8-451B-BBE3-B8C6894400BD.jpeg 921BC3B7-2357-434D-8745-EA04772D191F.jpeg
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