Cat chewed fly line!

Tim Ihle

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Need help. The cat bit the fly line and put a crease in it. How to repair?

This damn cat is getting closer and closer to becoming yote food
Duct tape....... not really, I'm just being a smart ass.
Storage of equipment goes over our heads sometimes until the dog or cat gets a hold of it.
I havr found some Redington line at my local hardware store, very low cost and it has been working great.
As long as the core is ok, maybe you could put some shrink wrap on it? Or, maybe take it to a fly shop and see if they can weld it (like they do with tips etc.).

Skip Enge

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shrink tubing...not the electrical kind this fishing line juncture types...use an incandescent light bulb for flame, lighter match etc bad idea

steve s

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I feel for you. Last year, we got new kittens and one of them chewed up a new skagit line that had been sitting on my desk. It didn't look like they chewed to the core but I didn't want to take any chances so I bought a new one. Sold the damaged one to an unsuspecting person on this site, just kidding. That was a joke, I threw the line away.
If it were a trout sized line, I may have used it a bit but with a line that is used for larger fish, i just didn't want to take a chance.
Good luck.
Damaged fly line is the ticket for corralling plants, by the way. It doesn't seem to dig into stems like regular twine does. I used to use ruined pantyhose for that, but they seem to have gone out of style now. Maybe just with my wife.

After I strung a line the length of the house in order to apply solution after washing, my cat started chasing the line. He immediately went into the garage until the line was done and put away.

But you can't blame the cats; chasing and chewing is what they do.


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Had something similar happen on an extended trip a while ago. Wrapped continously about 1" before the kink, and 1" after the kink with fly tying thread much as if you would wrap a guide on a rod then coated it a couple times with Daves Flexament. It lasted the trip, but retired the line when I got home.
I stepped on mine in the boat and it was the only 5 wt line I brought for grayling.

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