Am I a cheapskate?

So i called Boggan's today and attempted to book a cabin for myself, the wife, and two daughters for one night mid october. I was quoted $110 per person per day. Granted that includes three meals a day per person, but before tax and not including shuttles that's close to $900 for one night! Maybe I'm just accustomed to camping, or maybe they can charge whatever they like because they're the "Only show in town". But I thought that was pretty excessive. Am I missing something?
Stay at the snake river retreat. much better rates. cook your own food, nice little places. little bit of a drive for your floats tho. still might be worth looking into.


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You do it or you don't. They're telling you up front what it costs and what you get.

If you're just looking for a place to stay, you got lots of alternatives. But if you want the full glishing (trademark) experience, $900 might be OK for a great overnight with the family.

Personally, I think I could make that $900 go farther, but apparently they got paying customers who think it's worth it. No way to know unless you go. But I could probably live without knowing.