The four weight fly rod

The four weight, I think, is an interesting rod choice and depending on the angler sees maybe one of the largest varieties of purpose. I fish mostly small water typically being less than 25 feet across. To me, a medium-medium fast 8'6"-9' 4 weight is the do-it-all rod; it nymphs with lighter rigs, it throws dries and small streamers, and most importantly it handles medium sized dry dropper rigs perfectly as that is what I enjoy fishing the most. I'm curious as to what you all use your four weights for. What length and action do you fish and what do you typically fish it with (fly type, line, rigs etc)? I like a general purpose or a little more aggressive line for my four weight
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David Loy

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Two in glass, so medium action for me. A Barclay 70P (7’ parabolic) for small/mountain streams, and an Epic 480 for more general work, larger streams and dry fly (often a second rod in the boat). The Barclay is perfect for 10’ to 35’ and is a fantastic roll caster. The Epic is a little crisper and good to maybe 50’, but sweetest at the 25 to 40 foot range. I’ve had graphite 4wts but found my joy in glass.


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Reddington Voyant, 9ft 4weight. But really it’s a 5 weight. So no guess I don’t have one. Like the rod though. Fishing it right now with a OPST commando & light MOW tip. Fun as heck.
4wt is the new 5wt, huh?

I have a scott flex 10' 4wt. I mostly use it for euro-nymphing with a mono rig or euro line, or I use it fishing smaller dries with a conventional line. If i'm fishing a floating fly line and large dries or nymphs, I'll use a 5wt.
Three and four weight outfits were perfect back when I chased little blue lines. Nowadays I mostly just fish big blue lines or big lakes, where I prefer a six or seven weight to punch through the inevitable wind.

Skip Enge

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I own a bunch of ...4 favorite and an old StCroix 7wt...another favorite 11 aand a 10 a Loomis...the 4 wts show the 3 wt I am careful boos' I have were found restored or inherited...should use them...but have not...even have my first fly rod a 6 an Eagle Claw's caught a bunch of steelhead...don't fish a lot...hiches in my getalong...lazy and find other stuff to do like grden and paint. Not done but I have a lot of stuff that competes for my time...I suck.
Orvis 8'4" 4wt from my college days is a favorite rod that gets little love because it's a 2 pc. St. Croix 7' Avid that I built from a blank is a fun smaller stream rod, but mostly loses out to my 1 or 3 wt these days. Main 4 wt now is an 8' Winston BIIx that I bought from a member on this board. Great rod for mid-size streams, and casts like a dream. But I think my next 4 wt will be a spey rod for fishing larger water.

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