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My fishing partner who is on a very limited budget
hits these places looking for bargains. Last Thursday
he is making his rounds. There in the back are two pair of
Force fins brand new! He only had 10 dollars so he bought
1 pair. He went back on half price Tuesday and got the other
for me. I'm going to give him much more than that total for my pair.
What a deal. Dave

Skip Enge

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I am not going to say how many or much fly fishing gear i have antique stores and swap meets...Nope ain't sayin'.

David Loy

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I used to dive quite a bit, so like fly shops, dive shops are still something of a candy store. Thirty years back now I was drooling over gear at the local shop, and had some Force Fins in hand when the manager came by. I’m thinking the list was in the $140 range so when he said he’d sell them to me for $50 (“they’re crap for diving”, which I more or less agree with, but at the time was thinking float tubes). Anyway, one of the only great deals I ever got on FF gear.

Old Man

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I had a pair of Creek Co. fins. I loved them and I only paid 20 bucks for them. Maybe next summer I will outfit myself again and try the lakes around me. I understand you can float on those ponds out side of Anaconda and they really hold some nice fish. But other than that there just isn't any lakes near me.

Greg Price

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Pendleton wool shirts. A heavy wool shirt, almost a jacket was found by my sister in law in michigan and given to me as a gift many years ago. I use it when fishing cenral wa in the winter. Also have a few normal, light weight wool shirts my wife found in thrift shops here. Excellent quality and have lasted me many adventures. I used to fish winter steelhead in them
20+ years back in E WA, at a Good Value Army, I found two Filson Mackinaw jackets separately..(I just looked up $395 each -yikes!).

I lost one, but still wear one. It has sleeve patches and has light wear, perfect! It's already broken in, not like the city folks walking around in brand new, never to see the wilderness, North Face and Arc'teryx gear..

Want to say I paid $7 each..been awhile

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These places can also be a good source for tying materials. Many have areas full of craft supplies and yarn. Ive found some nice braids for bidy materials as well as hackle and marabou for cheap.