Korkers Boot Repair

Greg Price

Love da little fishies
I am terrible on boots. My fav fishery, the south fork Snoqualmie tears boots up, but is so worth it to get away from crowds and into diminutive, dumb wild fish willing to strike my cheap dry flies in the middle of summer.

So I am on my third pair of boot felts. I could not find my size at Sportsmans, Bass Pro. I ended up at Sportsmans Warehouse in Puyallup and they had a large selection for 5 dollars less than I paid at Bass Pro a few years ago.

I found my boa laces had become frayed, not good when wearing expensive waders. So I asked the boot lady if I could purchase Boa laces, she said to go to boa website and they are free under warranty as long as I own the boots. Amazing, it is true. I have a pair of laces ordered up. Free and free shipping, cannot beat that

One of the tabs broke off that holds the removable soles. I took it to my local shoe repair shop and he could do nothing about it. So instead of the silver duct tape from earlier, I purchased black gorilla tape as my fishing buddy says it better than silver duct tape. As a side benefit, it looks better on the black boots.

Not sure how well the gorilla tape job will hold up as it is a sparse job compared to the silver duct tape. Duct tape covered most of rear and sides of the boot and lasted at least 20 days before starting to delaminate.

Finally, I found a nasty burr a few inches up on the heel of the boot with the broken tab. I think it is part of that tab. My shoe repair guy tried to pound it down but was not able to get it completely, so he sewed in a liner to smooth it up. Amazing. He used a 100-year-old singer foot-powered sewing machine to sew through the boot. He did a nice job and charged 32 dollars with tax for a 20 min job, well worth it.

The nice thing about having a work van as a personal vehicle is many of the work items can be used for camping and fishing. Headlamps, extra tools, warm clothes and supplies like duct tape are readily available streamside when failures happen :}


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