Central OR Super Slam

Well, it's really more of a Metolius River Super Slam. Yesterday, I managed to get several Bulls, a couple of Browns, a Brookie, a Whitefish & a pile of Redsides. In the morning I fished my Fisher 8'6" 6/7 paired with a 300gr (it's a little bit much for that rod, but it handled it just fine) Commando head, 8' T-8, 4' 16lb fluoro, 3" Olive/White Dolly Llama. In the afternoon, I went with my 6'3" Parametric with a size 8 purple chubby chernobyl and an beadhead pheasant tail for a dropper off of that....super fun day!

Today didn't give up nearly the numbers, but I did manage a handful of redsides (mostly) on dries in the morning, along with this slow moving garter snake (i.e. easy to catch without getting the musk treatment)...not bad for a 48 degree morning.



I've caught a brookie on the Met before but that was looooong ago.

We've even caught, seriously, Atlantic Salmon at Alingham. We asked the Wizard Falls guys about the fish and they said they must have escaped the hatchery (which fish do from time to time) so they could have been escapees from the Atlantic Salmon tanks.

Great report. Some folks have a heck of a time catching fish on The Met ... obviously you didn't.

At one time the kokanee would invade the river in October... swimming upstream from LBC... you could catch them with streamers and egg patterns... I don't know if that still holds true.

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