Henrik Mortensen

Henrik worked with Goran Andersson at Loop developing some of the best underhanded casting products on the planet. A few years ago he left Loop and started his own tackle company called SCIERRA where they continue to innovate and create some of the best casting rods and lines in the world. Some of you may have seen Henrik in the video 'The Perfect Cast' where he shows us how to use the underhand technique on some of the most beautiful fishing water in Iceland. Henrik is one of the best casters on the panet and is also a gifted teacher. Having been a casting instructor since his mid twenties he has many years experience and has the teaching dialed in.

Henrik is coming to the Pacific Northwest in late August. I am hosting at least 2 days of classes. The dates are not set yet as he has to finish up the schedule in Iceland. We will have a least two days on the river with a maximum of 10 students per day. The cost will be around $100 per one day session and will just cover expenses. Even though the dates are not set yet I am trying to determine the interest level now since I can possibly add a couple of days to try and get everybody in who is interested. If you are interested in attending a day on the river with Henrik Mortensen please email me([email protected]) ASAP so I know who wants to be there. When the details firm up you will be sent more information. If you cannot make it in the end it is no problem, at least you will have reserved a space.

The style of casting and the approach you will learn from Henrik is of benefit to the novice and expert alike. The class will be held at Ben Howard on the Skykomish near Monroe, WA. For out of town folks that is 40 minutes from Seattle and lodging in Monroe is minutes away.

I can tell you from experience that spending a day on the river with a teacher like Henrik will take your fishing abilities to a whole new level. Not only will you cast better but you will fish better and it will be more enjoyable. Please join us for this event in August.
Good to hear Henrik is coming down, he's a legend in the world of underhanded casting. I saw one of the Scierra catalogs in New Zealand and it looks like they've got some really great stuff, out of curiosity, does Scierra have a US distributor?