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Well, after many years of neglecting my flyfishing I have decided to wade back into it. I lived in the Seattle area for about 6 years from 79-85 and I sure miss the fishing there. I now live in Texas where I grew up and the bug has bitten me again. I went to an estate sale a few years ago with a buddy of mine and we spotted a number of aluminum tubes stuffed behind the washing machine with the mops and brooms and my heart skipped a beat. We found three 1933-34 Heddon split bamboo rods in near mint condition and since my buddy had all the cash I got one to his two for 20 bucks each. :eek: I took mine out the other day and couldn't resist fishing around the lake in the City Park behind my house and my wife asked me if it was risky fishing with it so I said I would put it back up and get me a new setup. She said that's pretty expensive isn't it. I replied not nearly expensive as bass fishing. She loves to fish too so she really understands. Last year we stumbled onto an incredible pattern of catching giant catfish on top water lures. My wife has caught a 35 lber, 30 lber, 28 lber and a couple of twenties fishing with a strip of bacon about 12 inches below a cork to my biggest of a 20 lber. I chiefly man the net for her. But I tried flipping a white rubber spinner bait skirt on a bare hook and to my surprise they would nail it. I caught 7 - 4 lbers in a row. So now I have visions of a state record on a big white streamer. The season for this pattern runs from October thru Feb. I am going to try an 8-9 wt rod with a heavy tippet because when they hit they take off like a freight train into the tree stumps and standing trees. So far we managed to land 11 bigguns and had 21 break off 20 lb test Trilene Big Game line. :eek: We take pictures and release them to thrill again. The water is about 7-10 feet deep so you have to fish from a boat to get to where the fish are. Your forum here is very similar to my local forum.

We're having a big fish fry tomorrow along with some local guides giving a free siminar.


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Welcome to the forum. Interesting post. Sounds like your wife is really dialed in on large catfish.

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Arborist said:
Thanks for the offer, but its too purty to part with - sorta like having a super model for a girl friend. ;)
Yup. I was afraid you'd realize that, but had to ask anyway :-D


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