Idylwood Park - Lk Sammamish -restrictions

Went out to the park yesterday and saw a sign to the effect that "no personal watercraaft within 300 ft. of the park"--does this mean no launching kayak/belly boat off the park or what? Curious.


Here in the warmer climes we call them water maggots because they are crawling all over the place and they are usually oblivious to fishermen and are generally quite rude. We have been lobbying the Corps of Engineers to sit down with the Parks and Wildlife folks and some fishing groups to designate a fair number of areas for watercraft use and ban the rest of the lake to water skiers and personal watercraft. I have been fishing in the back of a cove in a reservoir full of standing dead timber when one pulling a skier came whizzing by. I was bracing myself for the gory scene of them getting impaled on a snag. Add alcohol to the mix and it gets deadly so I usually stay off open water during the summer months.

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