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Wow! I love beer and I cannot lie. There are so many amazing brewers and indeed styles, it makes my head spin and that’s without drinking. There is a lot of styles being scored there, really impressive the range of beer being assessed.

My pet peeve is the brewers that arise as mid-size 15,000-6 million barrels. That’s more than two log difference, ie 10 x and do that x10 more then x 4

6 million barrels is a lot of ‘craft’ beer.

I’m not saying it’s bad, the brewers make great beer in many cases, Sam Adams is an extreme case in pint :) they likely brew 20 odd million barrels pa. It’s great factory made beer, they don’t use rice but care about beer taste but it’s not craft anymore, they have factories, Brewdog in the U.K. are similar. Good or great beer just no longer craft.

Anyway hope you all get to enjoy the fresh hop IPAs while they’ll soon be BBA porters/stouts and barley wine season and weather in no time.

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Just wrapped up a trip to the Yellowstone area, and had two of their beers, a scotch ale and the Prickly Pear IPA. Both were pretty good, and definitely would pick another 6 pack.

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