Yellowstone 2018


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My wife and I made a short trip to Yellowstone this last week of September and had a great time. Fishing was limited to 2 1/2 hours on a very windy Yellowstone Lake and I caught nothing. Otherwise it was great.

On the way into the park we saw this guy along side Hebgen Lake:

We stayed in a motel that was reasonably priced, decent, clean and less than a block from a trail that follows the Madison into the park.

Spent most our time in the Lamar Valley looking at creatures and hoping for bears and wolves. We did see two wolves at a very great distance across the river, hundreds and hundreds of these:

A bunch of these:

and lots of mule deer,

On our last evening as were nearly ready to leave the park we came across a mama grizzly and two nearly ready to leave cubs. This was between madison junction and Norris. By the time I pulled out my camera the cubs were in the brush and the mother was making sure that the humans (a couple of other cars had arrived by now) were going to leave them alone.


After she left we headed out of the park, but not before stopping to watch some elk, birds, and a sunset




Headed home the next day and watched eagles, mule deer, and pronghorn most of the way.


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Thanks for sharing your trip pictures, very nicely done. That mama bear looks fat - good summer and fall feed before hibernation.


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Several trips there and we have yet to see a bear. We were there a year ago about the same time as you Rich. Here's a few of my favorites from that trip.

View attachment 197560

View attachment 197559

View attachment 197558
Great pics..!! I use to work and stay in Richland for five years while working at Bechtel. Made the trip to Yellowstone many times while there and loved being there to enjoy nature when the crowds were gone. Love the pic of the canyon.. ;)

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