FS Sage X 697-4, Sage Reels, Some Lines


Sage X 697-4 for sale. Slight soiling on the cork that would buff out if you need. Otherwise rod is fairly pristine. $475 shipped in the US.

Sage 4260 Black. Great reel to go with above rod. $120 shipped in US.

Sage 4280 Red. Drag adjustment is kind of tight but has no impact on how the drag actually performs. Excellent shape. $100 shipped.

Sage Domain 10 Lime. Great shape; logo on center of reel slightly faded from winding backing on with machine. Otherwise, pretty mint! $150 USD shipped in US.

Rio Grand WF6F. Paired well with the Sage. Loops are in great shape, no cracks. $30 TYD.
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