Pass Lake Report 5/7

I hit Pass Lake yesterday thinking that I could maybe replicate the four Browns day that I had the previous Saturday. I am a creature of habits so if I have a good day one weekend, you can bet that I will be back the following one.
I any case, I hit the lake around 9:30AM and landed a 23" Brown on a dry within 15 minutes and my first thought was that it could be the start of an incredible day. Well, sure enough: nothing for the next six hours as I threw everything I had in my fly box.
There was another fly fisherman who started pretty much at the same time as I did and landed three right away and like me, did not have a strike for the rest of the day. I also saw a couple towing buggers accross the lake. The lady seemed to have some luck on red buggers.
I am not that technical about fly fishing but my guess is that the temperature kept going up and down and may have been the factor for the slow fishing. I also heard rumors of fish activity slowing down when a low pressure system settles in ... ???
Anyway, that fish gave me a good fight so I won't complain too much.

On another note, some stupid kid threw a small but full water bottle at me from a moving car and missed by over 20' when I was fishing the bank by the road. What a lousy shot! I don't want to think about what if he had connected!


aka Justin
Nice work getting the brown on top. That is a nice fish. :thumb:
I was there a week and a half ago and got 3 on top, but they were all rainbows. Still haven't been able to get one of those browns off the surface.
What dry flies where you useing? I am thinking of heading up there this saturday and would like to be stocked up on a good variety of flies. I have been using olive beadheaded buggers and been have some good luck with that.
I used a size 14 comparadun on Sunday and had one on and missed another.

I also like using the Lady McConnell. So a search of my posts and you will see a photo of one.
if your looking for browns on the dry the evening is the best time. stalk the banks and listen/watch for rises. Once you find one throw a dry to that area. I have found the browns arent real picky as a size 16 mayfly(your choice of color), midge, caddis, even stimmy has worked for me. the trick with the browns is being patient and locating one that is active. they seem territorial and usually stay withing there little area so keep throwing.... when that yellow belly flashes hold on

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