If it flies or floats...

rent it, my buddy always says. Are there any liveries in the North Kitsap or South Whidbey area where you can rent a kicker boat with motor for fishing? What do I need to know or bring to get into salmon and stay out of trouble? Is an electric trolling motor helpful for positioning the boat?

Or can I use my pontoon boat effectively?

Thanks for your advice.
If you've got a DOD ID card, Northwest Outfitters at NAVSTA Bremerton has about a dozen 15-foot Duraboats with 15 and 25hp outboards they rent very cheaply...something like $15-$20/day or so for the boat/motor/trailer/fuel tank/safety gear package. I'm guessing both NAS Whidbey and NAVSUBASE Bangor more than likely have something similar.

We have a boat rental operation here in Gig Harbor; not exactly sure of the sizes and power, but I think the smallest may be something like 16 or 18 feet...bring your credit card and make sure there's lots of room on it.

The appropriate license will go a long way to keeping you out of trouble. Wearing your life jacket at all times while underway will keep you floating if you do get into serious trouble. Other than that, common sense, mature judgement and a sharp eye toward safety and caution should combine to bring you back alive. Check previous threads on this site, both recent and archived, for specific fishing tips, locations and ideas.

Electric trolling motors will, of course, help you position a boat if they are capable of providing adequate thrust. In the salt, IMHO, you'll want a minimum of 55lbs of thrust, preferably more, as tidal currents routinely reach 3-5 knots (3-6 mph) depending upon where you're at in the Sound and daily winds are normally 5-15 knots (6-17 mph.)

I've seen a flyfisher with a pontoon boat in the salt on two different occassions this year. Both times he appeared to respect the craft's limitations and stayed close to shore and in protected waters apparently fishing the shoreline for Cutts and maybe some resident Silvers. Combining wind with tidal currents and a mid-teen King at the end of your line in the open Sound could lead to a great deal more excitement than you ever anticipated - can you say "Nantucket Sleigh Ride?":EEK