Pattern Jarhead Sculpin


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Well :hmmm: , wish I could have done Dan's sculpi' swap- but?????

It got me thinking about one of my favs for our precious Yakima.

I call it the Jarhead- for no reason whatsoever though, other than it produces for me. :cool:

Hook; 79580 #2,4,6

Tail ; Yellow marabou, 3 strands pearl flash
Body; cream dubbing,ribbed with cream wool.
Wing ; rootbeer brown and med olive marabou,3-4 strands pearl flash, topped and sided with red guinea
Head and collar- med olive deer hair
eyes;med.stickons; optional.




the Menehune stole my beer
that looks like a juicy ribeye steak for a big 'ole trout.......very cool fly. How important do you guys think the eyes really are? I've heard and read that fish really key on eyes...I like 'em but I always wonder if it just gives me more confidence, therefore I fish them harder, or if it makes a real difference to the fish at all......

I used to be so bad that I'd cut off a clouser if the eyeballs came off the barbell on one side of the fly.....a therapeutic round of beers with a much smarter flyfishing pal cured me of that syndrome.

Scott Behn

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I have read, watched, and been told that fish will key on eyes and/or gills when they aim to kill. I remember someone posting a little story not to long ago with still pictures that showed a huge bull trout constantly taking the man's cutthroat that he had hooked. Everytime the bull took the smaller fish it was attacking the head area of the cutthroat.



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I am sure flys without eyes or those missing one will catch fish, I think in some situations though fish "key" on the eyes. Certainly not always. I know spooky summerrun steelhead do.They say saltwater gamefish do as well. I wouldn't know on the saltwater side of things. To us ,the fly looks "complete" with the eyes. Certainly to us it looks better and thus promotes confidence. Same as why do we fish with finely finished flyrods? Would not the same GLXIBISBORONXPHELIXTICRXSTREAMDANCESPLL blank with some crudely glued on guides and a plastic reelseat with a Danco reel and foam grip pretty much cast the same as a finely finished one?

But it wouldn't be as enjoyable or confidence instilling would it?


Scott Behn

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Well Davy this gorgeous fly of yours gave me a light bulb... :p
For awhile I wanted to tye a "muddler" type fly for the salt, but using olives and browns and when I saw this fly of yours it showed me the missing color...the yellow tail.


I combine a little from the lefty's deceiver and a muddler and your fly to produce this color combo...although I tied a red guinea collar style to add some movement and used yellow marabou cause I don't have any yellow hackle at the moment. I'm going to stop by the shop this afternoon and pick up some lemon yellow hackle and I think that will make my final scheme.

EDIT: Just got some lemon yellow hackle and tied one up with a deceiver tail area...I like it...
Thanks for the "push" past the creative block :p
Those are fine looking flies gents. Sorry you both didn't enter the sculpin swap, but if you want to tie a couple up and send them to 947 N....I wouldn't mind. just kiddin ;)


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