Trip Report WA High Country - The fat lady is about to sing


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I was just going to post a similar thread. I'll just add to this one! What a spectacular finish to fall in Washington. Rarely do we get the opportunity in late October to appreciate the high country like this month. I took a few days off early this week to capture the last of it and headed up high. What a great trip. No bugs. No people. A nice temperature inversion; was 32 in the valley and 45 up high. Dry up high - no dew point at all. Just amazing. Fished a large lake for quite awhile with no action; the water was just too cold. Hiked up to a tarn I remembered holding rainbows years ago. That tarn was much better aligned to the sunshine and the water was much shallower. Needless to say, the fish are still there. Caught about 30 rainbows and called it a day; heading back to a nice campfire. Most in the 12-13 range, with a few mountain beasts in the 17-20 range. Good ending to the season.