Insulated dog jackets for largish dog (61lbs)

Jeremy Floyd

fly fishing my way through life
I almost killed my dog with exposure yesterday. She has been great for the whole trip, but yesterday with the wind was too much after being wet.

This has scared me, and no expense is too much to keep this little lady warm. I ended up finishing the float with her wrapped in my clothing and Simms jacket. She could not stand or walk. F1A1A092-F83C-4612-802A-5AAE6D263B83.jpeg

Input is greatly appreciated!

I used neoprene vests for my labs when duck hunting in freezing weather and they are fine. When done for the day be sure to towel. dry your girl and if you have a hair dryer get her thoroughly dried.

Do everything possible to raise body temperature. I added hot water to my dogs kibbles and sliced up some Spam into their food. The Spam for fat calories.

Even with a neoprene vest it doesn't hurt to throw a wool blanket over your girl when possible. It is far easier to keep them warm as opposed to trying to warm them back up. I carried in a 6'X6' wool blanket into my duck blinds just for that purpose.


Jeremy Floyd

fly fishing my way through life
Well my vet said puppies need high protein til 18 months, but I give her cheese and meat on the river regularly, plus salmon or chicken treats constantly.

The real problem was she fell off the raft because she was fucking off while excited. I want insurance against accidental exposure, since this dog is my constant watchful shadow.

Jim Ficklin

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Consider some of the fleece dog coats that are available. My Hank has no undercoat. He's not a water dog, so when it's cold and he's not running he wears fleece. It's light-weight and unlike neoprene, it never chafes. when I used neo vests on my Labs, I took great pains to ensure proper fit and I trimmed leg holes when necessary to prevent chafing & sores.

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