Patricks Fly Shop has been sold


if it's not this, then what?
I bought a few fly rods from Jimmy @25years ago. I would pop in the shop several times over the last few years when I lived closer. An Ren was helpful to me regarding fishing the salt.

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Wow, maybe i will pop in if i am working in the area. Honesty, i have never been treated more poorly by the fly staff, not sure if it was the owner, 15 or 20 years ago and vowed never to step foot in there again. I vow that i have honored. Plenty of other great fly shops in the puget sound that I remain loyal to.

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That's cool, hopefully the shop sucks less now. That's the only place I've had someone who fishes less than me talk to me like I was a complete moron.


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Roy Patrick teaching fly tying in 1946.
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My loss; Roy Patrick died just before I took up fly tying. Fortunately, the Washington Fly Fishing Club continued with the tying class that Roy taught for many years. I loved how we students received the shoe box full of fly tying materials and scissors and hackle pliers, with a Thompson A or B vise sold separately. I still use those same scissors and hackle pliers and the Thompson A vise. Folks dressed a bit more casually when I took the class in 1972.

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I met Jimmy when he was a little guy, a high school kid working part time at Kaufmann's. I also knew his dad at Boeing. I remember LeMert senior saying he was going to help his son buy a fly tying shop. Not until Jimmy was the owner did I put it together that the two of them were related.
Probably somebody from California. They will probably raise prices and try to make a killing and then leave. Or it will be someone who knows nothing about fly fishing and then lose their ass.
And I wonder how Montana feels about ex-Boeing seattlites moving to their state feel? But hey, blame California right?

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