FS SOLD! TFO Deer Creek Switch Rod


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SOLD! Thanks ceviche and WFF!

Thinning the herd again. For sale is my Temple Forks Outfitters Deer Creek 11’ 6 weight switch rod. Bought this a couple years ago and haven’t fished it much. I have several 6 weights and this one doesn’t see much action.

Very versatile for a variety of single or two-handed casting options in either salt or fresh water. Great Puget Sound beach rod for cutthroat and coho, or on larger trout rivers for chucking big drys, nymphing, or swinging streamers.

Rod is in great shape. Very clean. No nicks or chips. The cork has some soiling. Asking $250 and includes the tube, sock, and blank warranty card. I’ll also throw in a RIO InTouch Outbound line. I think it worked well with the rod but there are lots of other line options.

Face-to-face deal in the Seattle area preferred. We can discuss shipping if needed. PayPal okay. PM if interested. Thanks for looking!

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It's been a minute! I still have this rod (and line) and it's in the same condition as when I originally posted it. Hasn't been out of the tube. Let's make a deal!

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